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It’s Time for a Change

From Solar panels to EV Charging, CPS Renewables is here to help you on your journey to helping the planet

Why Should You Switch?

Sustainable & Renewable Energy

With the cost of electricity rising month by month, there is no better time to invest in producing your own energy.

Safe & Reliable.
Take Control of Your Power Production

Control your energy usage with our state of the art monitoring systems. Real-time performance monitoring shows how much solar power you generate anytime of the day.

Solar Panels

Great Savings & Return on Investment

An average return on investment of solar installation of 5 years means you will be saving yourself money sooner than you'd think

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Solar power is the most abundant energy source on earth

Cost Effective

Solar is the cheapest source of energy

2.4 Million

Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions Avoided



Our Services

We make going green easy, so you’ll get a better energy service at a better price.


We offer all types of residential installations. From Solar to EV Charging, we can help you do your bit for the planet.


With the cost of running a business increasing, now is the perfect time to reduce your energy costs .

Maintenance & Support

With our comprehensive maintenance packages, you can rest assure that you're in the best hands.

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